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December 31, 2015

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A Blast from the Coffee Past - Author: Jorge L Umana

Catch a glimpse of the global coffee market conditions before the internet age and the coffee shops boom - circa 1992

a blast from the coffee past

December 13, 2015

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PICTURE OF THE DAY: Quepos Manuel Antonio beach, just an hour away from the coffee highlands of Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Quepos beach, Southwestern Costa Rica

Coffee Farmers, during and after harvest season ( Dec through March ) frequent the white sand beaches located just an hour away down the mountains near the city of Quepos, Pacific ocean, Costa rica

December 12, 2015

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PICTURE OF THE DAY: Water and Coca Cola event in Quepos, just one hour away from Tarrazu, Costa Rica

manuel Antonio, Quepos beach

OK, this is not an ad for Coca Cola, but if you like white sand beaches and ocean breeze, Quepos Costa Rica is just an hour away from the coffee farms in the Highlands of Tarrazu. Usually, farmers take day trips to the pacific ocean to relax of the busy coffee harvesting season.

December 11, 2015

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PICTURE OF THE DAY: Small creek near the Town of Concepcion, Tarrazu, Costa Rica

small waterfall in Concepcion, Tarrazu

A local farmer walks by the rocky bed of the small creek called Quebrada Blanca, not far from the Town of Concepcion, Costa Rica.  Rock formation of these type are abundant in this tropical paradise.


December 10, 2015

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PICTURE OF THE DAY: Freshly harvested black beans in a drying deck, Tarrazu Costa Rica

beans in tarrazu costa rica

Local farmers plant and harvest their year supply of beans in their land. Here you can see organically produced beans after being milled. Farmers put the beans in drying decks and then bag them in big containers for yearly consumption.



December 09, 2015

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PICTURE OF THE DAY: Beans ready for milling in a farm up in the Tarrazu mountains of Costa Rica

black beans ready for milling

Beans, either red or black, are an important staple in the Costa Rican diet. Not surprisingly, coffee farmers plant beans in their land by early October and by the end of January, the beans are ready for harvest and milling 



December 08, 2015

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PICTURE OF THE DAY : Exotic plants are abundant in the Mountain paradise around the town of Napoles, Tarrazu, Costa Rica

tropical mountain flower in Tarrazu

The most visible part of the rain forest is the exotic plants that are plenty in the highlands of Tarrazu Costa Rica. Plenty of sunshine and rain ensures exotic plants what they need to thrive.


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