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August 02, 2015

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Door to Door Continental USA. Do you live in the USA?



Minimum Wholesale order: 60 lbs - Shipping to Addresses in Continental USA only. Coffee is sold Whole Bean. If you need ground coffee, please give us a call and we will gladly grind your coffee


Door to Door Continental USA. Do you live in the USA?


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how to roast coffee beans

Perhaps every time you stop by your favourite coffee shop you have wondered how the coffee beans are roasted. You might even think roasters use very complicated methods. However, the way we roast our coffees is very simple. There are several steps you have to take to ensure you coffee beans are roasted to perfection.

Step # 1. Select your green coffee beans.

This step is the most important to ensure you obtain the best cup of coffee.

As you may know, there are two main varieties of coffee: Robusta and Arabica. In our case, we only use Arabica beans for its qualities. To know the origin of the green coffee you are about to roast is very important. Our coffees are from the Tarrazu valley of Costa Rica which means 100% SHB Arabica beans grown at high altitudes. We are privileged to have our farms located in the world famous Tarrazu highlands.

Step # 2. Know your Coffee roasting machine.

This step is also critical. Quality can be ruined easily by roasting the coffee beans in the wrong machine. I have seen roasters that do not use sealed drums which allow fumes to interact with the coffee beans. I have even seen poorly built roasting machines that literally burn the coffees in a manner that is detrimental to the quality. There are roasting machine brands like Probat and Diedrich that are proven to be very efficient and trustworthy.

Step # 3. Know your coffee Roastmaster.

Well, once you have obtained your green coffee beans and you have selected the coffee machine to roast your favourite beans, the next step is to know who will be in charge of the roasting operation. Many things can go wrong while roasting: Selecting the wrong settings, not cleaning the drum or the cooling station, not cleaning the fume exhaust and shaft collector, and worst of the list: not knowing when to empty the drum at what temperature and applying the air flow appropriately. A good batch of coffee can be wasted because of human incompetence.

Step # 4. Know what packaging to use.

Last, there are many ways to pack coffee and some people is unaware of the negative consequences some packaging have on good coffee. If the coffee is to be consumed immediately, a paper bag is enough. However, if the coffee is to be exported and has to remain on the shelves for a long time, a foil gusseted valve bag is highly efficient in preserving the beans.


Nowadays, coffee can be sourced from many origins and bought from many stores. However, not all coffees are roasted in similar circumstances. If you indeed care about the quality of your daily cup of joe, I strongly recommend to start asking specific questions about how the green coffees have been roasted and how the bags have been handled before arriving at your local coffee shop.

Jorge umana
Jorge umana