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August 02, 2015

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Minimum Wholesale order: 60 lbs - Shipping to Addresses in Continental USA only. Coffee is sold Whole Bean. If you need ground coffee, please give us a call and we will gladly grind your coffee


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Top 5 Breathtaking Places in the Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee Mountains you must Visit

The Costa Rica Tarrazu Mountains are full of wonderful places that most of us do not know they really exist. Here you can see some of those breathtaking places around the highlands. Enjoy!

1. Concepcion de Tarrazu

Concepcion, Tarrazu Mountains Costa Rica

Concepcion de Tarrazu is located southwest of the City of San Marcos. It is easy to reach via the Tarrazu Quepos gravel road. Situated in the hills of El Pito Mountain, this place IS majestic!. Clean air, lush tropical forests and, above all, breathtaking views of the Quepos plains and Pacific ocean down below. This location is a must see for every visitor to the Tarrazu Coffee mountains of Costa Rica.

2. Pirris River Mountain Hydro Dam

Pirris Hydro Dam

This newly built Hydro Dam is located in the San Carlos district of the Tarrazu Canton. This is the place to be for both mountain lovers and coffee fanatics since the lake formed by this massive construction is surrounded by lush coffee fields. At harvest time, you will see pick up trucks full of coffee cherries crossing the bridge, heading towards the mills located upstream.

3. Downtown San Marcos

Downtown San Marcos Tarrazu

This lively city has many things to offer. Coffee shops, pizza parlors and the best restaurants in the region. The Roman Catholic church is lovely and it is a classic example of Spanish architecture. Here you can find anything, from karaokes and clubs, to coffee shops soccer fields with sports events. In the harvest season, the town is inundated by migrants coffee pickers from Panama and Nicaragua.. The local coffee fair is world famous as well as the horse parades, which are an integral part of the culture of the natives.

4. Trinidad Mountain or “Cerro de la Cruz”

Trinidad Mountain Cerro de la cruz Tarrazu

Cerro Trinidad  cerro la cruz Tarrazu

The hills around San Marcos are great for hiking and mountain biking. Climbing the Trinidad mountain north of the city is a must for visitors. The steep hike towards the top is challenging but the rewards of reaching the top are remarkable. You can see the entire coffee region from above and even the Pacific Ocean in the distance. There are other hiking trails that are easy to climb and also a dirt road for 4×4 trucks or cars. Best time of year to visit is November, December and January.

5. El Pito Crossing ( also known as Chilamate” )

Pito Tarrazu Coffee

El Pito Tarrazu Chilamate

Last, but not least, El Pito Crossing is a place you should not miss when visiting Tarrazu. Best time of year to visit is during the dry season between December and April. Sunsets there are outstanding. Early mornings any time of year are also breathtaking. To get there you just continue the highway from San Lorenzo, make a left towards “Napoles” and soon you will see the ocean and the quepos plains down in the distance. If you are a mountain biker, you must know this is the starting point of the most exciting downhill route in Costa Rica ( see video below )



To help you choose where to go on your next vacation, Don Evelio Coffee has compiled a list of Tarrazu destinations using opinions and recommendations from locals as well as visitors to the mountains. travel experts and thousands of travelers and mountain bikers. The top spots included on this ranking list range from the unspoiled corners of rain forest to the vibrant coffee towns in the highlands. We hope these recommendations can help point you toward your next coffee vacation plans. Please let us know what are your favorite spots below to help us determine next year’s best places to visit in Tarrazu.

Jorge umana
Jorge umana