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About Us

Our Coffee Operation in Tarrazu, Costa Rica



Filmed at our coffee farm in Mid Sept. 2006


Our Gourmet Coffee Farm is located in the Costa Rican Valley of Tarrazu, just 60 miles south of San Jose. We highly recommend you to read this interview with our Manager Jorge Umana by the Specialty Coffee magazine back in March 2002 .

Trademark and Estate:

Don Evelio Costa Rica Tarrazu Gourmet Coffee Estate.


Our Coffee Farm:


Our Don Evelio Coffee is harvested at 5000 ft elevation in the most exclusive Tarrazú coffee growing highlands of Costa Rica. It is hand picked at optimum ripeness, sun dried and hand graded to ensure the highest quality 100% Tarrazú Estate Coffee. The conditions are perfect for producing gourmet coffee...rich volcanic soil, high elevation, seasonal rainfall, and a cloud cover in the afternoon to shade strong sun.

Don Evelio Tarrazú is an exceptional, well-fruited, creamy and refined coffee. It also reveals also a very clean acidity. Most of the coffee produced by Don Evelio Farm is exported; the majority in valve bags clearly marked Don Evelio. Roasted coffee is packed in sealed one-way bags to maintain freshness, then packed in courier boxes that guarantee your coffee's safe arrival. Unopened bags can be kept fresh for up to 6 months.

Freshly roasted coffees are prepared by the Umana Naranjo Family daily at their own facilities in downtown San Marcos de Tarrazú, Costa Rica, and shipped fresh to your door.




Our Family:


Don Evelio Naranjo first cultivated and processed Tarrazú coffee at the San Guillermo Tarrazú hills. His descendants, the Umana Naranjo family and their Fincas Tarrazú Cafe S.A. coffee company, have carried on this family tradition and heritage for generations.



Coffee For Business & Events:


The Don Evelio Tarrazú wholesale coffee operation supplies coffee to special events, offices, restaurants, institutions, specialty stores, resellers and retailers throughout  North America. We offer speedy door-to-door delivery.

You can enjoy the rich taste of Don Evelio Tarrazú coffee anytime. Contact us now to bring Don Evelio Tarrazú coffee to your place of business, home or special event. Yes we can deliver our coffee in regular and automatic shipments both in Canada and the United States. Our office supply program allows you the added convenience of having Don Evelio Tarrazú coffee delivered directly to you.

Our wholesale-reseller program is also perfect if you wish to supply our coffees for your special events or to your friends and family at the best prices.
We will ship your freshly roasted coffee , via courier service to any location in North America.. Immediately upon shipment, the courier service and ourselves will notify you with a link and a tracking number so you may follow the status of your shipment. Should you have any questions, kindly send us an email to sales@donevelio.com.