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About Tarrazu

About the Tarrazu Coffee Valley

About our Gourmet Coffee-growing Valley of Tarrazu, where San Marcos de Tarrazu is located ( for more details, read this interview to Jorge Umana by the Specialty Coffee Magazine, back in 2002)

Geography and climate are factors that confer the ability to harvest a fine coffee. The combination of soil, temperature, sunlight, wet and dry seasons must all meet the right formula. The small, high mountainous Costa Rican Tarrazú region, south of San José, has the ideal conditions.  If you want outstanding Tarrazú coffee you are probably going to find it in San Marcos de Tarrazú.

Tarrazú Coffee Farms are the highest altitude coffees from this origin, and the last coffee cherry to ripen is the highest altitude which are located in Tarrazú County.  

Gravel roads connect the farms with the nearby towns of Santa María, San Pablo and San Marcos, famous around the world for being the towns where pioneers exported the first Tarrazú coffee bags to Europe.  We harvest very few ¨fanegas¨ a year. Each farm is managed by its owners who take care of the process, from planting the trees to bringing the coffee cherries to the mill.

These farmers are the backbone of our export operation since they are experts coffee growers who have spent all their lives learning their trade. All of them come from families involved in growing and exporting highland coffees since the 1890´s . We are around 30  people working full time in the operation. 

Tarrazú Coffee Farms  has always been concerned for the environment. The costly investment in woodlands and shade trees in our farms is a good example. For many years we have taken care of a 100 hectares forest reserve located in San Pedro, La Guaria and Naranjillo.  This reserve is near the Los Santos forest reserve and Manuel Antonio National Park in Quepos, which is visited by thousands of tourists a year. Our effort is aimed to keep the forests in the upper section of the Naranjo and Pirris river intact.

A coffee tree takes 4 years from planting to first harvest. Any decision in using certain variety of coffee is carefully examined. The coffee trees must be plague-resistant and above all able to give an excellent cup. The coffee we harvest include not only the classic Typica variety but also the modern Caturra  Arabica variety.

To grow coffee is like taking care of a garden mostly because everything is done by hand. The process begins each April with the coffee trees flowering after the first rains. Harvest begins in October and ends around Mid March.

Tarrazú coffee has been recognized for many years among the great gourmet coffees in the world.  Using this superb raw material, we have taken the time, the effort and cost to prepare a coffee that no one can match. We have a crew of pickers well trained to harvest only the ripest of cherries. It is important for the quality of the cup the cherries are harvested at the right time. This is why each tree is visited up to 4 times in order to obtain only the very best of the fruit. We harvest all the coffee beans by hand to ensure the quality of the bean and the cup.

At the mill, extreme care is given while handling the coffee beans. The last step is a special hand sorting to remove any defects.

After this operation is thoroughly completed, we bag the green coffee in small burlap bags for those who like to roast at home. The demand for our high-quality, freshly roasted coffee is high.  To guarantee the richest aroma and flavor, we package and ship our coffee fresh for your enjoyment.  From seed to cup, we take our time to deliver one of the finest coffee in the world.

Tarrazú Coffee Farms  has had the pleasure to run  the most interesting coffee farms and Roastery in the world and we will continue such tradition in the years to come. In case you have questions, or are interested in visiting our town please do not hesitate to contact us at

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