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Coffee Tour to the Tarrazu Highlands of Costa Rica






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Costa Rican Tarrazu Premium DON EVELIO farm is the Costa Rica Tarrazu District's premiere coffee farm. The estate is located on the slopes of the Talamanca Mountains surrounding the Tarrazu Valley.
Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffees have built a reputation as the world's highest quality. Using age-old processes dating back centuries and incorporating the latest in state of the art technology, Costa Rica Tarrazu Premium consistently delivers a superior coffee with an unforgettable, mellow flavor.

Growing Coffee

Our superior quality coffees begin with the healthiest Costa Rican Tarrazu Arabica Coffee trees grown in fertile, volcanic soil enhanced with a blend of natural nutrients and minerals.

Continuous soil testing is performed to insure that every generation of Costa Rica Tarrazu Premium Estate Coffee grows in a soil mixture with an optimum nutrient composition.


Unlike most conventional coffees, which are made from beans mass-harvested at varying levels of ripeness, each bean of Costa Rica Tarrazu Premium Estate Coffee is individually hand-picked.

Only beans that meet DON EVELIO Costa Rica Tarrazu Premium's rigid standards of ripeness and quality are harvested - each ripe bean remaining in prime condition for only a few days.


With conventional coffee processing, after the skins are removed from the harvested coffee beans by a process called pulping, the beans are soaked in water for many hours in a step called "fermentation" .


Our coffee is dried in the sun - a predictable method that can take 5 days. Increasingly, "better" quality coffees are being dried in the sun - producing a more consistent product. Costa Rica Tarrazu Premium coffee beans are dried in the sun to take advantage of the chemical processes present in this drying technique. This drying method insures perfect consistency and retention of quality.


After the drying process is complete, most conventional coffee growers hull and polish their beans and go directly to roasting.

However, one of the most significant enhancements to the flavor of Costa Rica Tarrazu Premium coffee is achieved by aging the Costa Rica Tarrazu beans in climate-controlled storage. This aging process gives Costa Rica Tarrazu Premium Estate coffee a wonderful, mellow, rich taste.


Costa Rica Tarrazu DON EVELIO Premium's roasting technique is very important to the coffee's flavor. The roasting method we use offers several advantages.

Our traditional roasting technique provides uniform amounts of heat to each bean, and contaminants such as smoke, dust, and burning oils are cleanly removed as they are produced, enhancing the quality of the roast and insuring a great tasting coffee.

Costa Rica Tarrazu Premium offers only the highest grades of coffee. An estate roast that combines the full range of flavors from the harvest, and the Private Reserve Roast that combines only the very largest beans with Peaberry Beans to produce a truly special flavor. Both of these grades are roasted at a "Medium Dark" temperature that is best suited for Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee.


Coffee is best consumed as soon after roasting as possible, in that continued exposure to oxygen will begin the staling process. Therefore, Costa Rican Tarrazu DON EVELIO Premium Estate Coffee is always roasted specifically to meet order demand; packaged immediately after roasting in specially designed bags that prevent introduction of oxygen and moisture, and then rushed to the customer so it can be perfectly fresh when it's finally poured in your cup!

Thanks for allowing us to take you on this tour of our coffee farms. We believe products are better for the consumer when they are understood, so that the quality can be determined by the buyer rather than simply claimed by the label. Contact us, and let us know what you think. We would enjoy hearing from you. Or… Why not order your first bag now.

We're sure you'll enjoy our smooth, aromatic flavor of Costa Rica Tarrazu Premium Estate Coffee.

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This tour includes a visit to Alto Quepos Forest Reserve: The Best Highland Camping in Costa Rica. Read More bellow

Alto Quepos Forest Reserve is located in the municipality of Tarrazu, Costa Rica. The Tarrazú Mountains are a magnificent part of the Talamanca Sierra, in southwestern Costa Rica. One of the best-known Costa Rican regions , an area that reflects the history of the country and its beginnings. The area combines breathtaking scenery with great coffee and a rich history. Tarrazú area is a rural community noted throughout the world for its traditional values, its abundant natural beauty and bountiful resources. Majestic Mountains, scenic forests, rolling hills and verdant valleys characterize the land and provide a changing kaleidoscope of beauty both in the dry and rainy seasons.

Alto Quepos Forest Reserve are in Naranjillo, in the southern part of the Tarrazu Municipality, an area that is part of the Naranjo River Basin. It is located just 15 minutes by car north from the small town of Santa Juana and 20 minutes by car south of downtown San Marcos. The area encompasses 155 hectare = 383 acres of untouched cloud forest and 16 hectares (39.5 acres) currently being restored to its natural state.

This recreational area is set between the roaring Naranjo River and a small tributary creek, facing the Quepos/Manuel Antonio plain.
This pristine land has about 1 mile of trails, country shacks, an access road plus few coffee trees and a small pond. But the most interesting attractions are a the breathtaking views and small waterfalls, a field perfect for backpackers and campers plus many acres of lush tropical-cloud forests. It sits right at the edge of the Los Santos Forest Reserve. It is a quiet, secluded land between 900-1600 meters ( 2 952-5 249 feet) above sea level and away from the spoiled parts of the country. Average temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit = 26 degrees Celsius. The Families involved in the project have kept this fine property with an unusual focus in conservation and respect to the animals and plants in its natural habitat. Only visitors who share the same values and principles in protecting this secluded piece of paradise are allowed to enter.

The visitors are transported from the Airport or the small town of San Marcos to the Highlands through narrow roads by small 4X4 vehicles. Once at the site, and after a good rest, a tourist guide takes them to the trails and show the visitors a first glance of all interesting flora and fauna in the surrounding fields. Spectacular views of both the Quepos plain far below and the nearby forested hills and ridgelines of the Los Santos forest reserve remind the visitors the uncalculating value of the ecosystem of which the reserve is a part. Horseback rides, guided tours, trout fishing or simply staring at the amazing mountain view are some of the few amenities offered to visitors. A seemingly endless list of species of plants and animals can be found. Sighted animals include the Coyote, howling monkeys, white-faced monkeys, slots, jaguars, frogs of many types of birds, among others. Oak trees, giant tree ferns, bromeliads, orchids, lichens, ferns, mosses and fungi are common around Alto Quepos.
Bird species sighted within this property includes the Resplendent Quetzal: sacred bird of the Mayans, the Magnificent Hummingbird (Eugenes fulgens), Yellow-billed Cacique (Amblycercus holosericeus,) and the Acorn Woodpecker (Melanerpes formicivorus).
This rich variety is only possible given the unique characteristics and location of the site, the high-low altitude and its closeness to the Pacific Ocean.

The owners of Alto Quepos Forest Reserve are committed to implement environmentally-friendly practices. The trails were constructed with erosion control methods. Waste recycling is implemented in order to avoid any damage to the nearby creek and the Naranjo River.
Underlying the mission of the owners is the determination to protect the upper section of the Naranjo river watershed, while holding a deep respect for individuals inside and outside the recreational area and for the Quepos/Manuel Antonio communities and ecosystems downstream, of which they are a part. This property is also supported by Fincas Tarrazu Cafe S.A. a Tarrazú coffee Estate farm worldwide recognized for its focus on environmental issues and quality coffees. If you want to visit this beautiful place, please contact with Jorge Luis Umana.
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Jorge Luis Umana
200 N. MAG
San Marcos de Tarrazú, Costa Rica 8055.