Videos about our Coffee operation - Don Evelio Coffee
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Videos about our Coffee operation

 Videos about our Coffee and the Tarrazu Valley


Filmed at our coffee farm in Mid Sept. 2006

In September 2006, almost a decade ago, Miss Villanueva from CNN en Español visited the Mountains of Tarrazu in Southern Costa Rica for a specific purpose: To learn about a unique coffee operation that was inspiring hope and change in the highland valley. She learned about the origin of the coffee farms, its roasting process and export operation. While interviewing Jorge, the video explains why this was, and it is even today, so revolutionary in enabling a farming Family to sell direct to coffee enthusiasts using the internet.

Watch the humble nature of the Don Evelio Coffee Operation, and learn about the people who harvest and market this fantastic highland coffee:



Filmed in San Marcos de Tarrazu,Costa Rica in May 2006

Visiting from Denmark, Karin arrived in May 2006 at our coffee farm with a purpose: to Interview Jorge Umana and obtain details of a revolution in the local coffee industry. While working for CNBC, she learned about a unique coffee operation located in the remote, secluded Mountains of Tarrazu, south of the Costa Rican capital of San Jose.

She e-mailed a message to Jorge and then coordinated the visit to the valley.  While in town, Karin learned all about the tiny coffee operation and what made it unique: a website and a connection to the world to enable this coffee farming family to sell online to customers in the USA and Canada. It was her first time she visited San Marcos so we gave her a coffee tour where she enjoyed watching the coffee farm and the unique way of life in this farming community. She was impressed by the use of technology in bridging the gap between this family and customers thousands of miles away. Using an old computer, Jorge built a unique website displaying their high quality Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee. He learned how to market online and all the logistics from roasting to courier delivery, all from his humble desk at his bedroom in the house. ( Keep in mind this is almost 10 years ago, in a remote place in Costa Rica where technology and internet access was very limited )

Watch this historic video, see first hand the humble operation and enjoy the nice views of this pristine valley in the highlands of Costa Rica: